VIDEOS: 2 Star Wars Videos

Two incredible Star Wars related videos surfaced last week. One is polished and high budget. The other is absolutely the opposite. And yet, both of them are worth watching. The first one will take you a minute. The second one, I suggest bookmarking and watching what you can, then writing down the time you stopped watching so you can come back to it later and continue watching . . .

Consider the first one a commercial before the feature presentation:


I loved last year’s VW commercial featuring “li’l Darth”. Here’s the video and a blog post I wrote about it last year, called “What Can VW’s Li’l Darth Vader Teach Us About Storytelling?”

Well, they are at it again:

In the description for the video, they say:

A canine chorus barks a familiar tune. Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense.

I don’t know what they mean. “It will all make sense”? It all makes sense NOW. There’s doggy Darth Vader. Doggy C-3PO. Doggy Princess Leia. Doggy Chewbacca. Doggy Wicket. And the Doggy AT-AT Walker to make it even more awesome. They don’t need to make sense out of it, it’s already pretty incredible. (Hmmm, I notice a distinct lack of characters from the prequels.)



So a couple thousand Star Wars fans, roused to action by a couple guys with an idea, filmed scenes of Star Wars and sent them in, to be stitched together into a feature length presentation of the entire Star Wars movie. (When I say “the Star Wars movie” I mean Episode 4 or A New Hope to you young ‘uns.)

It is alternatively bizarre and imaginative. It’s funny, silly, and dumb. It’s awe-inspiring and awful. It’s film-making at its best and worst. It’s schizophrenic and cohesive. Scenes are filmed in carefully recreated sets . . . garages . . . backyards . . . hallways . . . living rooms . . . kitchens . . . and boxes. It’s respectful and subversive.

It is something amazing to behold.

As I said above, this is something to bookmark and come back to if you can’t watch the entire video. (Warning: it IS self-rated PG, and I agree. There’s some mild crude/offensive humor.)

~ Ben







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  1. Steve Avatar

    This has the f-word at least three times. Not for kids!

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