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Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-11What if DC had it’s OWN Civil War? What side would the DC heroes be on? Evan opens his DC Comics collection and explores that idea!

As promised, here’s Evan’s entire list:

Marvel’s Civil War is one of my favorite comic book stories of all time, and definitely my favorite Marvel 616 story to be sure.

After a rookie super-hero group inadvertently causes the death of over 900 civilians while fighting dangerous super criminals, the US government enacts the Superhuman Registration Act, requiring all metahumans to register with the US government to be trained and regulated much like police officers, revealing their identities and full extent of their powers in the process. Naturally, there are many different reactions to the new law throughout the superhuman community. Some support the law, others actively defy it, thus Marvel’s heroes are thrown into a Civil War against each other, resulting in some great story telling opportunities with intense action and drama!

Marvel’s Civil War is available as a graphic novel at your major book stores, digital issues on Marvel Unlimited, an audio drama at GraphicAudio.com, and will be adapted into the major motion picture Captain America: Civil War.

Anyway, I had some free time and I thought to myself, what would happen if the same thing happened in the DC Universe? So I made some lists, thought through a little bit of a possible story, and here’s what I came up with! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I’ll start by listing those who have decided to choose the side of Registration. These individuals side with the United States Government, and have chosen to register themselves in accordance with the new law, reveal their secret identities to the government, and become legally licensed and officially deputized Super Heroes.


Amanda Waller:

A government boogieman herself, Waller will undoubtedly side with Registration, using all the resources at her disposal to help the government enforce the new law with extreme prejudice.


Ray Palmer – The Atom:

Driven by his own conscience, Ray truly believes registration is the right step for the metahuman community. While saddened at the prospect of fighting old friends, he lends his full support to the cause of registration.


Barry Allen – The Flash:

Unsure of the new law, Barry is even more unsure about actively opposing it. He reluctantly sides with registration, praying he’s made the right choice.


Beast Boy:

Already a public figure with his identity out in the open, Beast Boy supports the new law. While he does sympathize with those who want to keep their identity a secret, Beast Boy believes that registration is the next step to be taken in a changing world. He makes the hard choice to side against many of his friends regarding the issue.


Billy Batson – Shazam:

A little naïve on the complexities involved in politics, ten-year-old Billy sees the issue as one of black and white. You either follow the law or you break it, and if you break it, you become a bad guy. He lends his support, and that of the mighty Shazam, to the cause of registration.


Booster Gold:

Booster has never been one to lay low, believing the new law provides a perfect opportunity to have his time in the sun, he sides with Registration.


Captain Atom:

After registration becomes law, the government reinstates the active military status of all Metahumans who had once been part of the service. This includes former airman Captain Atom, whose sense of loyalty to his country far outweighs any nagging doubts about the new law. No stranger to hunting down former allies when they step outside the law, he gives his full and unwavering support to Registration.


Victor Stone – Cyborg:

A public figure along side Beast Boy as former leader of the Teen Titans, and current member of the Justice League, Cyborg truly believes that Registration is the next logical step in superhuman politics. A step that needs to be made by all, if the American people are to truly put their trust in heroes again.


Donna Troy – Wondergirl

Swayed by her friendship with Cyborg and Beast Boy, as well as an unwillingness to stoop to the shadows and stand in outright defiance of the law and the will of the American people, Donna reluctantly stands with the Registration, against many of her long time friends.


Hawk and Dove:

These two stand with their friends from the Titans on the side of registration


Elongated Man:

With his identity already known to the public, and with sensibilities that lean in the direction of registration, Elongated Man takes a stand on the side of superhuman reform.



Believing that the new law makes perfect sense, Firestorm serves as an ambassador for the cause of registration those on the fence.


Oliver Queen – Green Arrow:

With his identity out in the open, his seat as the mayor of Star city, and strong liberal political views, Oliver Queen makes the toughest decision of his life, and gives his support to the registration cause. Second-guessing himself at every turn, Ollie must fight an internal battle as well as an external one, and that against one of his best friends, Hal Jordan.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl:

Believing in the general idea of the new law, this husband and wife team side with their pro-registration colleagues from the JSA.


Jay Garrick – The Flash:

An old patriot, Jay just can’t see himself fighting against the country he’s fought so long to protect. He sides with registration, taking some small comfort from the presence of Barry Allen and his friends from the JSA.


John Stewart – Green Lantern:

John whole-heartedly believes in the idea behind the new law. A former marine, John’s beliefs and sense of duty bind him heart and soul to the cause of registration.


Lex Luthor:

Believing the new law to be a perfect opportunity to gain the upper hand against many a superhuman foe, Lex gives his undying support to the US Government, developing weapons, soldiers, and prisons to take down and contain rogue heroes who refuse to obey the new law.


Doc Magnus and his Metal Men:

Contracted by the government and wanting to stay on the right side of the law, Doc Magnus devotes his Metal Men to the side of Registration, even if some of them have doubts themselves.


Mr. Terrific:

After crunching the numbers, Mr. Terrific believes that unless the registration act is put in place to check the growing number of metahumans, the world is in for disaster. With a heavy heart, he puts his steadfast mind to the cause of Registration.


Power Girl:

Having worked as a metahuman agent for the president in the past, Power Girl was wary of the government’s plans. After long talks with many a mentor, she decides to plant her flag on the side of Registration. At least for the moment.


Red Tornado:

Red Tornado believes that the registration act is the most effective way to make this country safe for his daughter Traya. He reluctantly sides against many a long time ally, on the side of registration.



Finding it hard to sympathize with anti-registration sentiment, Stargirl takes a black and white stance on the issue on the side of registration.


John Henry Irons – Steel:

Conflicted to say the least, John’s thinking lands him about 60/40 on the registration issue. He suits up for the side of registration, hoping he’s made the right choice.


The Suicide Squad:

At the beck and call of Amanda Waller, these supervillains are forced into the service of the government under penalty of death.


Ted Kord – The Blue Beetle:

Generally believing in the good of the idea, Ted sides with registration, sort of comforted by the presence of his long time friend Booster Gold.

Next we have the Anti-Registration heroes. These heroes have chosen not to comply with the new law, but instead to become fugitives, while at the same time continuing their hero work.

Bart Allen – Impulse/Kid Flash:

Unsure about siding against his legendary grandfather, Bart is swayed to join the resistance by his youthful impulsiveness and his fierce loyalty to Tim Drake (Robin)


Cassandra Cain – Batgirl:

Already off the grid, Cassandra sides with her mentors Batman and Barbara Gordon as well as the rest of her newfound Bat-family.


Bruce Wayne – Batman:

Unphased and almost indifferent about the new law, at first Batman cares little if others use him as a rally point for the superhuman resistance, he’ll continue to do what he’s always done, protect the innocent from the shadows.  However, looming events may or may not drive the Dark Knight into a more active role.


Black Lightning:

Not about to unmask willingly, Black lightning tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.


Jaime Reyes – Blue Beetle:

Young and headstrong, Jaime doesn’t want to risk the public attention of unmasking, or the safety to his family and friends.



Not about to unmask willingly, Bumblebee tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.



Unmasking and becoming a public servant? Not likely. Catwoman bides her time and sticks close to the Bat-family, hoping to ride out the Civil War unscathed.



Following the Guardian, Dubblex lends his telepathy to the resistance.


Gang Buster:

Sympathetic to the plight of anti-registration heroes, Gang Buster comes out of retirement to aid the resistance.



Approached by Cadmus Labs to lead the official government led hunt for anti-registration heroes, Guardian actively refuses to hunt down his friends and colleagues and if forced to go on the run. He joins the resistance as an effective leader.


Guy Gardner – Green Lantern:

Even with his identity already made public, Guy is indifferent for the most part about Earth politics. He joins the resistance partly in support of Hal Jordan, and partly just to stick it to the man.


Hal Jordan – Green Lantern:

The Superhuman Registration Act just doesn’t sit right with Hal’s gut, and Hal always trusts his gut. Hal becomes an active leader for the resistance, lending his power, and his voice to the cause. Hard times lay ahead with Hal forced to turn against two of his best friends, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen.



Let’s just face it, she’s totally against the new law. Viva la resistance.



Not about to unmask willingly, Metamorpho tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.


Natasha Irons:

Usually adopting a different point of view than her father, Natasha stays true to form in joining the resistance, feeling it’s wrong for the government to demand that superheroes reveal their secret identities and become public servants.


Dick Grayson – Nightwing:

A leading light for the resistance, Nightwing has adopted much of Batman’s ideology but little of his reserved nature. Nightwing presses forward with boldness and conviction, leading the resistance members against the registered heroes.


Barbra Gordon – Oracle

Siding with her fellow members of the Bat family, Oracle is no stranger when it comes to siding against the government. A genius on the computer, she is the invaluable center of information for the Resistance.


Plastic Man

Not one to let others tell him what to do, Plas joins up with the resistance, confident that if he sticks with Batman, everything will turn out alright.


Tim Drake – Robin

A tad reluctant himself to break ranks with the law, Tim’s loyalty to Batman far outweighs any misgivings he may have.


Roy Harper

Never one to play by the rules anyway, Roy wholeheartedly believes that the new law is wrong, and he’ll fight against it with all his might.


Sandman (JSA)

Not about to unmask willingly, Sandman tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.



Fiercely loyal to Robin, Spoiler joins up, eager to be a part of the action and make an impression on the Batman



Following Dick Grayson’s lead, Starfire pledges her loyalty and her super human power to the resitance.


The Question

The new law is all part of a massive conspiracy that’s been building for hundreds of years. Of course the Question joins the resistance.


The Ray

Not about to unmask willingly, The Ray tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.


Uncle Sam

Believing the new Law is unconstitutional and goes against the freedoms that his country is supposed to represent, Uncle Sam lends his voice, image, and fists to the resistance


Wally West

Conflicted over siding against his long time mentor Barry Allen, Wally is also conflicted about his feelings towards the new law. But seeing his friends like Dick, Roy, and Starfire in trouble, Wally hesitantly lends his Super Speed to the resistance.



Not about to unmask willingly, Wildcat tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.



Not one to let others make her decisions for her, already unmasked to begin with, Cassandra sympathizes with her friends and tries to continue the good fight, while dodging the government sanctioned cape-hunters, and pro-registration heroes.



Black Canary:

Independent and strong willed, Black Canary sees little good in disrupting things from how they’ve always been. Will she part ways with her husband Green Arrow and join the resistance? Only time will tell.


Wonder Woman:

Not wanting to be drawn into a strictly American issue, Wonder Woman withdraws to Paradise Island. But will the continued suffering and persecution of her friends draw her into the fray? Only time will tell.


Kyle Ryner:

Conflicted on which side has the moral high ground, and further conflicted with whom he should place his loyalty between Hal and John, Kyle struggles with what to do during this Civil War. Will he lend his ring to any one side? Only time will tell.


Jim Gordan:

An officer of the law, and also a staunch believer in the power of masked crime fighters, Jim Gordan struggles on which side to take. Will the errant actions of one side or the other force his hand? Only time will tell.





Not about to be a government stooge dispatched to hunt down his friends in allies, nor is he willing to actively work against the American government or the American people, Superman remains decidedly neutral in this conflict.



The laws of the surface dwellers rarely have any effect on Aquaman or his kingdom, he decides not to get himself or Atlantis involved in American politics.


Martian Manhunter:

Not wanting to take a side, J’onn chooses rather to remain neutral than fight against his friends on one side or another.







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