A Very Special Christmas Episode – SA167

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-5Ben and Steve are joined by Evan David to discuss some of their favorite “very special Christmas” episodes of TV shows, movies, and comics!

This is a part of the Crossover Nexus’ Christmas Crossover Event! Links to the other podcasts mentioned can be found here:


Here are some direct links to the other podcasts:

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DORKNESS TO LIGHT: Episode 3 — Holiday Special 2015

SPIRIT BLADE UNDERGROUND: Episode 390 — CGC Christmas Special 2015

VOICES IN MY HEAD (& UNTOLD PODCAST): Episode 156 — Superman Meets Santa Claus

GEEK THIS: Episode 51 — Gruss Vom Krampus 







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    1. RC Avatar

      Interesting episode. I left a message, but regarding the SNL skit, it’s the “lost ending” to It’s a Wonderful Life. I can’t remember if I mentioned that as I was afraid of being cut off by the machine… it made me laugh.

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