Action Figures Retrospective – SA225

Evan and ben take a walk down memory lane and look at those little (sometimes big) pieces of plastic that fueled our childhood playtime (and sometimes still do).






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  1. Mikel Withers Avatar

    Action figures, you mean “my guys”, right?
    My favorite ever was the Transformer “Jazz”. I tried to sound just like Scatman Crothers for years and years. When my little brother got ahold of it and wore it out so much that it could no longer stand on its own…well, that was a sad day. I still remember his quote from the back of the package: “Do it with style or don’t bother doing it.”
    GI Joes were the ones I played with the most, though. Snake Eyes was my favorite, along with his trusty companion TImber. A close second was Mutt with Junkyard.
    I couldn’t afford the big toy sets so we used to dig bunkers into the side of the hill.

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