AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Summer Movie Series) — SA125

ASM2Ben and Steve are ready to talk about Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we are joined by Matt Anderson of The Sci-Fi Christian!

Here is the Variety article Matt referenced during our conversation about the Mark Webb/20th Century Fox mid-credits commercial: The Secret Deal Behind ‘Spider-Man 2’ Plugging the ‘X-Men’ (EXCLUSIVE)



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  1. RC Avatar

    I’ve thought about Sony trying to build a universe around Spider-Man. I think it will almost necessitate turning villains into heroes (or at least anti-heroes) if they want to keep it going. Which I’m willing to bet Sony intends to keep the license for as long as they can.

    Is it possible for them to create their own hero? They would have to anchor a hero very well, considering they don’t have comics to back them, but could it legally be done? Might end up like ROM in the end if the rights ever go back to Disney-Marvel and be an odd orphan. Still they are going to have to get creative to keep the show going.

    On a side thought, what all these studios are creating with these universes is in a way like the old serials other than being the prime feature.

  2. ChildsPlay Avatar

    I am playing catch-up on old episodes and just finished this one. You had lots of news and speculations about future movies and the Spider-Man cinematic universe. With Spider-Man back to Marvel is ALL of that dead now?

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