Another Alien Smackdown – SA230

Have you ever wondered  who would win in a battle between the planet Vulcan and the Lords of the Sith? Well, we kind of settle the score between lots of alien races and groupings and the results are…this special LOST EPISODE!!!

It’s weird. It’s wonky. It’s random. It’s fun. It’s (another) alien race smackdown.






2 responses to “Another Alien Smackdown – SA230”

  1. Mikel Withers Avatar

    So Ben, do you still stand by your assessment of the Power Rangers after having seen the new movie?

  2. RC Avatar

    I realize this is a lost episode, but…

    I have to agree with Evan on his assessment of Star Wars weapons being more powerful all the way around as compared to Star Trek. While a Victory class star destroyer may only be a few times the size of the Enterprise, ships like the Executor are absolutely massive. It has been speculated that the Executor alone could take on all of Star Fleet by itself relatively unscathed. As for phasers, their tech is somewhat magical (the old school ones) where the whole person, including their gear is vaporized. Because Star Wars is scifi/fantasy and abilities are based on cinematics rather than physics per se, their ships are radically faster than Star Trek.

    Also to be remembered that Teleporters cannot go through shields according to their own lore.

    But that’s been my perceptions.

    -RC from Indiana

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