AQUAMAN Road Trip! – SA296

Ben and Evan take a road trip with Ben’s son to see Aquaman.

Aquaman. On the big screen. It happened!

Who thought it was a perfect movie and one of the best of the year? And who thought it was a fun, ok movie? Find out here!

Part one is the drive to the theater.

Part two is a spoiler free discussion after the movie.

Part three is the spoiler filled drive home.

And part four features Ben a couple days after recording, amending his star rating.







2 responses to “AQUAMAN Road Trip! – SA296”

  1. Stuart Avatar

    Hi lads, have just listened to your podcast on road trip to aquaman. I cannot believe that Evan thinks this is 5*. I just could not engage with either aquaman or his lady friend! They just didn’t convince me. I think he was much more convincing in his supporting roles of earlier films. He’s usually good with one liners but even that I felt he didn’t do very well. And don’t get me started on her wierd random recorder playing on the boat!
    And did you see the MASSIVE duplication of how to train your dragon 2? Sorry, I think Tim seems to have the closest opinion to me, but I can’t give it more than 3.5, even maybe 3!
    Not hating on you guys at all, just really surprised that you were so kind to this film!! Will not be seeing it again.
    Thanks for all your podcasting investment. I listen to almost all of them! Keep up the good work!

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