pulp-o-mizer_cover_image-25It has arrived! A sci-fi movie that’s not a franchise and doesn’t have superheroes, explosions, or space battles!

But…is it good? Can a movie that takes its time to tell a story make it worth our time to explore?



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One response to “ARRIVAL – SA209”

  1. rhoetus Avatar

    …and, you’ve convinced me not to go see this movie.
    Listen, Ben, I’m also old enough to remember watching Baghdad, with the tracers going up, and the flashes on the horizon…to watch the POWs trotted out to denounce the US’ criminal ways, but I’m with Evan: get to the point, I can think about the movie later. If I’m paying out the nose for a movie theater ticket, I don’t want a lot of dead air.
    Maybe in ten years, when it is on Netflix and I can get it for free, maybe I’ll give it a shot, but not until then.

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