Asking “Is It Worth Reading?” about Two Book Series: JEWEL OF THE STARS and FLIGHT OF THE ANGELS – SA406

This episode post has LOTS of links! Links to the books Ben talks about (Amazon affiliate links – it doesn’t change the price for you, but it does give us a little kick back – VERY little); links to the videos on Youtube that Ben recorded that this episode is made from; and links to Ben’s new novel Ghost of the Future!!! It’s out! Yay!

So for this episode, Ben talks about two sci-fi series by Christian creators that he really enjoyed and that he thinks you may enjoy, too!

First up, Allan and Aaron Reini’s Flight of the Angels series:

Second, here’s Adam David Collings’ book series, Jewel of the Stars:

Oh, and here’s Ben’s book, Ghosts of the Future while we’re sharing links:
From Amazon –
From his website –

And here are the ORIGINAL videos that Ben recorded:







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