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Continuing Avengers Week here at Strangers and Aliens, it’s Thor’s-day. Yes, we had to do it. So even though Captain America was after Thor, we had to do do Thor today. And the character has some incredible comic covers . . .

Bizarre Adventures #32 — by Joe Jusko. This magazine from the early '80's was an anthology magazine, featuring many different characters. This issue features Thor "and other gods." This inside, however, is nowhere near as good as the cover. Thor covers tend to be about POWER (he is the God of thunder, after all) and this one embodies that perfectly.
Giant-Size Thor — This cover features what many Thor covers feature — Thor, coming right toward you, hammer ready to fly. It also features the Warriors Three, some of the coolest supporting characters of comic-dom. This cover also promises that Hercules, a great foil for Thor, is inside . . .
Thor #126 — by Jack Kirby. But THIS one delivers Hercules on the cover. This cover is by Jack "the King" Kirby, who we have featured in the past in Cool Comic Covers and will again. His energy and larger than life musculature suits Thor perfectly.
Thor #341 — by Walt Simonson. All those earlier covers, emphasizing Thor's power and size, make give this cover even more impact. Because if Thor is as powerful as we've seen, what does that make this guy? This comes from what many people consider the best run of Thor. Walter Wimonson's story and art helped secure Thor's place as an icon in the Marvel universe.
Thor #195 — by John Buscema. Again, with the Warriors Three. Buscema is a comic artist I associate with the Conan comics mostly, and this cover captures that pulp feel perfectly.
Thor #366 — by Walter Simonson. Another classic cover from Simonson, and another iconic moment from his run. Yes, Thor was turned into a frog for a few issues . . .
Thor #340 — by Walter Simonson. I didn't plan to spend so many entries with Simonson, but his covers are just. So. Awesome.


Tales to Astonish #16 — cover by Jack Kirby. I like including those "curiosities", like yesterday's Captain America's Weird Tales. Here we have the first Marvel appearance of a character named "Thorr." Yes, extra "r" and yes, not the god of thunder, but it's still a pretty awesome cover by Kirby!

~ Ben

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