Batmanimation — SA128

Batman_mask_of_the_phantasm_posterBatman is one of those franchises that has thrived over time and media and audience age.

In this episode, Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about their favorite animated Batman stories and series.







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  1. Nathan Marchand Avatar

    You forgot to mention “The Batman,” a series that ran on Saturday mornings on Kids WB. It drew much of its inspiration from anime, and it did feature other DC characters in later seasons.

    Also, the “Holy rusty metal, Batman!” line was from Batman Forever, not Batman and Robin.

    I would rank my favorite on-screen Batmans as Kevin Conroy (I hear his voice when I read the comics, too), Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale.

    1. Evan David Avatar

      Love “The Batman.” A lot more episodic that B:AS and featured some cool story arcs, as well as some great reimaginings of the villains, Clayface in particular. Ran 5 seasons, introduced Batgirl, Robin, Superman, and the Justice League in well paced season spanning arcs. It’s kinda like Batman: Year 3, and I really liked the voice actor they chose for a younger Batman.

  2. Brian Du Pont Avatar

    I think Brave and the Bold is my favorite Batman…ever. I don’t really like Batman because he’s just so depressing. I also get tired that in every incarnation and every comic and every graphic novel, the story of his parents’ death is used. I think we all know his origin or at least a vague interpretation of it.

    So Brave and the Bold is just a fun show that I can watch with my children. He’s snarky, confident, and sarcastic at times which makes it fun. And, I don’t have to worry too much about the violence because my boys don’t see overviolence, just the fast freeze frame punches. Don’t forget the Batmans of the World in Season 3 episode 10 “Powerless” because you know, all people that are French have small mustaches, epees, and a Musketeer hat.

    Nice episode. Just a quick comment, I appreciate that you are believers doing the podcast, but I don’t hear enough about how Christianity in it. I like that its a clean podcast and I can listen to it without any cursing or crude humor. But, you can use Batman in a more God-centered conversation. You could talk about that Justice and how Batman’s justice compares to God’s justice, or mercy because Batman saves every one of his villains. Just a thought. I really enjoy your show.

  3. twebb2 Avatar

    I love this episode… thanks! Question: What would you guys say about the age-appropriateness of Batman: The Animated Series. I’ve been watching Superman: TAS with my boys (ages 6 & 8), which is also in the “Timm-verse”, and it is an excellent show, so I’ve wondered about Batman: TAS. Y’all commented on how appropriate some of the shows were, but not all of them, and not B:TAS. Thanks!

  4. Alan Avatar

    My 20-something daughter fell in love with DC characters via the animation of this era — Justice League, the Legion, Teen Titans. And for Batman, her favorite version is Terry from Batman Beyond. She watched all those episodes, many many times. For me, my favorite animated Bat iteration was Brave & the Bold. I loved the “deep cuts” from the broader DCU, as well as the show’s sense of humor.

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