Favorite Live Action Superhero TV Shows — Ep. 103

SHIELDIn this episode, Ben and Steve welcome Daniel Butcher, Ben’s cohost from Welcome to Level Seven, to talk about some of their favorite live action superhero TV shows!

From the original superhero (and superhero show) to Agents of SHIELD, the three cover a wide variety of shows they have enjoyed.

Don’t miss . . .

* Steve and Daniel disagree very strongly about a show!

* Ben choose one of the weirdest shows for one of his favorites!

* What type of monster does Ben admit his love for? Over and over? And over?

* A post-credits sequence unlike any other! (Thankfully!)

Podcasts/blogs  mentioned:

* Between Disney

* Welcome to Level Seven

* The Green Screen Podcast









6 responses to “Favorite Live Action Superhero TV Shows — Ep. 103”

  1. RC Avatar

    Great episode!

    My favorite TV super hero would be a toss up between Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk and Batman.

    Favorite that may parents disliked: Manimal

    The one I disliked the most?: Hmmm, none I have really reviled.

    Honorable mention: Green Hornet.

    I agree with Daniel, I am loving the OTR shows.

    So, I have to ask, after an episode of Incredible Hulk came on, did anyone else go find a t-shirt that was few sizes too small and squeeze into it, in the attempt to get it to rip when you “hulked out”?

    1. Ben Avatar

      RC, I remember every once in a while when I outgrew a shirt with buttons, my mom would let me put it on and tear it open as I hulked out.

      It felt really, really cool!

  2. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Sounds like I should give Smallville a chance, then? I’ve really missed having a Superman related show to watch ever since the Justice League Unlimited cartoon ended a few years ago, but I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to watch more than an episode or two of Smallville because of the teen soap opera setting.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Andrew, it is a teen soap opera. There is no getting around it!

      I want to say you could possibly sample some first season episodes, and then some of the episodes around the time when Christopher Reeve guest starred. It was the later seasons when Zod came and Green Arrow became a bigger part.

      I wish I could give you a viewing guide with key episodes to watch or something.

  3. Jim Sweeney Avatar
    Jim Sweeney

    Electric Company Spider-man! Well played, sir! I still remember the sensation of excitement when bland educational segments were interrupted by the iconic web slinger. I was also a big fan of the Incredible Hulk, though I lost a little respect when the Hulk’s roar in the opening credits was replaced to sound less like a massive enraged animal and more like a guy saying “raaawwwrrr!”. Batman was awesome and as a kid I took it completely seriously right down to the crooked floors in the villains’ lairs. It just made sense. Sorry Daniel, you did a great job of guest hosting but I agree with Steve about Heroes. I’ve never seen Smallville. I saw the preview at Comic-Con and I couldn’t get past Clark hanging out with Lex Luthor as a teenager.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I can only say this, Jim: Clark and Lex as friends was something from the comics.

      That doesn’t make it GOOD. It just makes it FIRST.

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