Ben and Evan saw Dune Part Two.

Ben and Evan LOVED Dune Part Two.

Ben and Evan talked about Dune Part Two.

Ben took a long time editing their Dune Part Two episode, so he has the wrong number when he did the opening.







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  1. Mike Poteet Avatar
    Mike Poteet

    Enjoyed your review, guys! I think the movie is not so much “anti-religion” or “anti-faith” as it is anti-bad religion and anti-manipulated faith… and, I know, it’s easy for us all to assume only other people have “bad religion,” but the fact is, we *know* the Bene Gesserit have planted seeds among the Fremen that Paul and Jessica exploit. A mixture of good and evil results, as you point out, but as you also point out, Paul is not meant to be the hero. I think the changes to Chani are good because they help the audience not get swept up in messianic fervor for Paul.

    I don’t agree with your assessment that this is meant to be a surface level movie. You sound almost dismissive of it when you say that, but perhaps I misunderstood you. Critiquing Paul’s messianic religion does not necessarily translate to critique of real-world religions; if anything, it gives us warning signs to watch for in real-world organized religions. Not a bad thing to ask why our religious leaders are doing what they’re doing, saying what they’re saying. Personality cults are bad news. That’s more message right there than any surface level movie would bother including.

    As for DUNE 2 being “better than” ESB… that may be apples and oranges. It is certainly a masterful cinematic achievement, but “objectively a much better film”? When separated by forty years of advancement in movie-making craft? When DUNE 2 would not have anywhere naer the impact it does if DUNE 1 didn’t exist, but ESB would? I am not pitting these films against each other, but if I were to, I would not says DUNE 2 is “objectively better.”

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