EDGE OF TOMORROW (Summer Movie Series) — SA130

EdgeOfTomorrowFor this edition of the Summer Movie Series, Ben talks about Edge of Tomorrow and the time loopiness within!



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3 responses to “EDGE OF TOMORROW (Summer Movie Series) — SA130”

  1. rhoetus Avatar

    …it took me about four tries to realize what was going on. I am a slow learner, and hadn’t had my coffee yet. I rather fear I brayed out a laugh when I caught on.
    Admit it, Ben, Dr. Jayce was busy, and you cut Steve out because he wouldn’t let you get away with this.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks, man! It was a lot of fun to do! Experiments are risky, so I’m glad at least one person enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Heh, that was definitely a lot fun. Admittedly it confused me at first as well. Until the end of the second iteration I just thought, “Wow, Ben really doesn’t feel like editing this — he’s just giving us the raw cut.”

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