Ep. 35 — “It’s Our Birthday!”

In this episode . . .

* We celebrate the podcast’s first birthday!

* We introduce a new co-host, Twitter-bot!!!

* We probably fire said new co-host, Twitter-bot!!!

* Listener feedback about Star Wars! (Listen to the episode about the Star Wars Disney purchase here.)

* Ben plugs two other podcasts!

* Dr. Jayce’s interesting theory about Doctor Who!

* Listener feedback about our Gluttony episode! (Listen to the first in our series of podcasts about the Seven Deadly Sins — Gluttony — here.)

* The WINNERS OF THE SUPER FANTASTIC FACEBOOK FAN CONTEST OF AWESOME!!! (On Monday, we will begin contacting the winners on Facebook.)


Between Disney — the Disney blog by The Sci-Fi Christian’s Other Guy

Sci-Fi Christian’s Darth Mickey – Disney Buys Lucasfilm — The episode from The Sci-Fi Christian that gives a great background behind Disney’s business dealings and some of the implications of the purchase

Geekklesia — Hank Harwell’s blog, a thought-provoking blog about science fiction and fantasy and Christianity

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