Ep. 36 — Favorite Sci-Fi Characters

After a Thanksgiving break, Steve, Dr. Jayce, and Ben return with a list of their favorite five science fiction characters! Some may surprise you . . . others not so much. After that, they each reveal a science fiction character that many people love . . . but they do not (and they are all prepared to dodge rotten eggs and tomatoes)!

They also open the mailbag for some listeners’ favorite characters and Twitterbot makes an appearance to read some answers for two listeners!

Do you agree? Disagree? Have a list of your own? Hate a character one of them loves? Love a character one of them hates?

Let us know by contacting us! You can call us on our hotline: 1-840-37-ALIEN . . . contact us via Twitter (and Twitterbot just may read your comment next episode) . . . use your own computer to record a message for us using our website recording widget . . . or just plain e-mail us at podcast@strangersandaliens.com!

Oh, and stick around after the credits for a special dramatic recitation of a classic sci-fi theme song!

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