Ep. 39 — The Hobbit: an Unexpected Movie

Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce have seen The Hobbit . . . but do they think YOU should? Find out here!

Listen as Ben says there will be no small talk . . . and then promptly his wife makes HER first appearance in the show!

They talk about the new higher frame rate . . . even though none of them saw it that way!

They dive into the story changes, the character designs, the music . . . all that fun stuff . . . and at some points it seems like the all saw a different movie!

Ben reveals a favorite movie that The Hobbit reminded him of . . . and loses a lot of geek creed with Dr. Jayce!

And Ben can’t say any Middle Earth names correctly . . .

And what do Star Trek III, Simon and Simon, and Snow White have to do with the “fellowship” of dwarves?

And how do the eagles cause a near argument about free will and predestination?

They also talk more about animal droppings than they have in any other episode!

Don’t forget to go to http://negatron.strangersandaliens.com/hobbit to see how what our resident super villain thought of this movie! Why does he believe that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has two of the greatest villains of the years?



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3 responses to “Ep. 39 — The Hobbit: an Unexpected Movie”

  1. Angie Avatar

    About halfway through the podcast. Would have listened to it sooner, but I JUST went this morning to see the film. I enjoyed it, but didn’t eat it up like I did LOTR. I remember watching LOTR and feeling like everyone involved must have just loved what they were doing. With Hobbit, I felt like Jackson obliged to make it. I wasn’t feeling the love this time around. And perhaps part of the problem is that Jackson already had LOTR to live up to. I kinda feel sorry for him in that respect.

    I did not like the opening scenes going down into the dwarf city in the mountain. It moved too fast and I couldn’t see anything. Just made me a little sick… and no, I wasn’t watching it in 3D. The whole opening sequence was too hard to really see and enjoy. Was that because of the rate of speed? I know zippo about film-making.

    I think Martin Freeman was perfect as a young Bilbo and, from a spiritual perspective thoroughly appreciated his reluctance to take the Journey and how Gandalf appealed to his child-like sense of adventure.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that it’s almost a musical. I don’t love musicals just for the sake of being musical, but there are many songs in the book, so I enjoyed the way they wrote it into the film.

    Still listening to the podcast, though. Enjoying your thoughts, guys. But man, you are all so hard on Steve! Lol! I need to read the novel again to see some of these plot differences you are all talking about.

    Wow! 3 podcasts in a week! Merry Christmas! : )

  2. Ryan Avatar

    ok that was comedy gold hearing twitterbot read my comment, especially “twitterpated.”

  3. Paul Avatar

    Very much worth a listen check out The Tolkien Professor’s podcast take on The Hobbit titled “Tolkien Chat 12: Adaption and the Hobbit Movie” some good food for thought on your overall negative outlook on the movie. They’re on iTunes. I highly value his take on the Movie and on Tolkien works in general.

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