Ep. 53 — Will this Justice League Movie FINALLY Get Made?

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-8In this episode, we talk about the huge news that Christopher Nolan may be taking the reigns of the DC Comics superhero movie franchise.

Some of the topics covered:

What was the big news that Ben wanted to talk about that Dr. Jayce squashed?

What were their initial reactions the to Justice League news?

What ringtone does Dr. Jayce use when his mother calls?

Justice League vs. World’s Finest — which style of movie would you prefer?

What Justice League characters are needed? Or NOT needed . . .

What is different between Avengers and Justice League franchises, and what is the same?

And a visit with some old friends as we stroll down memory lane to the Superfriends . . . Zan and Jayna!

If not Nolan . . . who?

And we lay the hate on Green Lantern!

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