Ep. 58: Interview w/ Flight of the Angels authors Aaron and Allan Reini

Cover-FOTA-small2In this episode, Ben interviews Allan and Aaron Reini, the father/son writing team behind the Christian sci-fi book Flight of the Angels.

Flight of the Angels is a big space opera military action story, with elements of corporate espionage, that has a spiritual theme woven into the plot.

Ben and the Reinis talk about their writing process, how they approached writing a science fiction book with spiritual elements, self-publishing, and much, much more.

If you want to purchase Flight of the Angels, you can buy it for your Kindle or Kindle app or as a trade paperback:

Highly recommended!

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6 responses to “Ep. 58: Interview w/ Flight of the Angels authors Aaron and Allan Reini”

  1. Aaron Reini Avatar

    My biggest regret with this interview is that I didn’t take an opportunity to publicly thank you for your efforts in promoting self-published authors. (So I’ll do it here in the comments instead…)

    Thank you! You’re helping to erase the stigma from self-publishing, and it’s very much appreciated.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Really, you’re the ones helping erase the stigma, by producing worthwhile books. That’s what needs to happen for the stigma to be erased. (There will always be bad books, the key is for people to find the good ones!)

  2. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Interesting podcast. I have to admit that too often I’ve been one of the naysayers Ben referred to regarding the amount of good Christian speculative fiction out there. Too many trips to my local Christian bookstore and being overwhelmed by all the bonnet fiction and not seeing much else.

    But I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong and this novel looks like a good place to start. It sounded fascinating enough from the podcast and reading over the preview on Amazon sealed the deal.

    1. Ben Avatar

      To be fair to naysayers, Christian bookstores are not the best place to find sci-fi. The last sci-fi/fantasy book I bought at a Christian bookstore was a colossal disappointment. Although Christian bookstore YA sections do have some titles, I am beginning to think that good Christian sci-fi is going to be found in self-publishing more than anywhere.

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