Ep. 61 — Aliens and Strangers Part I: Alien Agenda

StrangersIt happened! The Strangers & Aliens and The Sci-Fi Christians have joined forces to take on the Aliens! It’s like the humans and the predators teaming up in those two movies with aliens, humans, and predators!

The topic? The Alien franchise.

But wait! This is just ONE HALF of the awesome! Part two of this epic team up can be found soon on The Sci-Fi Christian’s website — http://thescifichristian.com

Here is the direct link to The Sci-Fi Christian’s episode: Episode 144: Aliens and Strangers part 2 — The Prometheus Paradox




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  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    I think you guys have discovered the ultimate genre tongue-twister: “Firefly fan, Firefly fan, Firefly fan!” I can barely *type* it three times fast, let alone say it!

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