Ep. 68: Superheroes of Podcasting! (PODCASTERS INITIATIVE THEME WEEK)

247716_612205272123552_982004690_nIt’s the podcast about other podcasts! Ben and Steve talk about the other podcasts in the Podcasters Initiative!!!

It’s time to get to know some of the other podcasts out there that touch on geeky Christian topics! Here’s a list of links…

Are You Just Watching? — http://areyoujustwatching.com
Faith Hope and Nerds — http://faithhopeandnerds.com
Gamestore Prophets — http://gamestoreprophets.com
Geek This! podcast — http://geekthispodcast.com
Geekually Yoked — http://geekuallyyoked.com
Holy Worlds Podcast — http://holyworlds.org
The Sci-Fi Christian — http://thescifichristian.com
Storymen — http://storymen.us
Strangers and Aliens — http://strangersandaliens.com
Speculative Faith — http://www.speculativefaith.com
Fans for Christ — http://fansforchrist.org
The Spiritblade Underground — http://spiritblade.forum-motion.com


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