Episode 11 — “Zombies!!!”

We’re back for a new episode!

This time: zombies.

The sci-fi guys examine The Walking Dead and the zombie phenomenon. Do zombie stories have something to say about modern life? Or are they just gory thrills? Or both?

The conversation goes from the beginnings of the zombie genre to themes in zombie tales to a discussion about the power and use of art.

Even if you aren’t a fan of zombies or horror, this conversation will be of interest to creators and consumers of pop culture.

Also, we open the mailbag, responding to e-mails and comments from the website, mainly about the “Cancelled Too Soon” episode.

We do want to hear from you! You can use the contact tab above, like us on Facebook and drop us a line, or e-mail us an MP3 recording if you want to hear your voice in our next episode!

Also, we had a special shout out to some incredible artists who are official honorary strangers and/or aliens:

Jeff Slemons, the artist of our caricatures and Tim Leffel, the artist of our theme songs

Thanks for listening, and godspeed!

~ Ben







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  1. Hank Harwell Avatar
    Hank Harwell

    Just to add to the fantastic discussion here, another podcast (actually a recording of an NPR radio show) “On Being.” The episode was titled ‘Monsters We Love’ and there are some phenomenal observations on the genre.


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