Episode 12 — “John Carter of Mars”

John Carter, Disney’s $250 million sci-fi epic adventure movie opened to disappointing numbers this weekend, pulling in just a touch more than $100 million.

Disappointing box office aside, was the movie itself a disappointment? Ben and Steve saw it this weekend and recorded this special, impromptu episode of Strangers and Aliens. Were they satisfied with the movie? Did it live up to their expectations? To their standards? Will you like it? Find out by listening to this mostly spoiler free episode.

(You’ll also find out why the third host, Dr. Jayce, couldn’t be bothered to see a movie this weekend!)

If you saw John Carter, we’d love to hear from you and have you join the conversation! You can record your comments into an MP3 file (send it to podcast (at) strangersandaliens (dot) com, using the “@” and “.” in place of those words), and we’ll use it in our next episode or you can contact us directly through the website or Facebook.

Do you agree? Did you like John Carter? Did you have no intention of seeing it? Let us know!

Thanks for listening, and godspeed!

John Carter is copyright Disney

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