Episode 13 — “Marvel Movies vs. DC Movies”

We all love movies. We all love superhero movies. And we have a love/hate relationship with superhero movies.

For this episode, the strangers and aliens who host this podcast have a fun little competition: which comic book empire has had the best movies made for their characters. From the Superman series vs. the Spider-Man series, from best sequel to worst sequel, from the biggest missed opportunity to the most anticipated upcoming superhero movie, who will win?

Okay, it’s really just an excuse to geek out about some favorite movies. And geek out about some movies we think are terrible.

We also have the biggest mailbag ever, with listeners telling us what their favorite superhero movies are and why.

Let us know what YOU think! Agree? Disagree? There is a lot to agree or disagree with. Did we miss anything? Undoubtedly, so let us know! Find us on Facebook or e-mail us at podcast (at) strangersandaliens.com.

EDIT: Sorry, I posted this very late last night and forgot to include links for the two websites mentioned in the show!

First, Fans for Christ, a website for a group of Christian fans who have a lively message board and a convention ministry. http://www.fansforchrist.org/

Second, Clash Entertainment, for people interested in winning a copy of Ben’s graphic novel Book of God. It’s a site devoted to a Christian perspective on a wide variety of media. http://www.clashentertainment.com/ (Direct link to the contest: Win a Copy of “The Book of God”.)

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5 responses to “Episode 13 — “Marvel Movies vs. DC Movies””

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    I’m not able to finish listening yet, but a couple of thoughts –

    Pairing up Green Lantern vs. Iron Man was a completely unfair matchup. As mentioned, Howard the Duck was the obvious choice, since the villain was practically the same.

    And John Malkovich was born to play Mr. Freeze. Not Patrick Stewart. Sheesh.

    I’ll finish listening while at work tomorrow.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Malkovich? Never thought of that! Patrick Stewart was born to play Paul Dini’s Mr. Freeze. Malkovich would have made the movie, though. Now that I think of it, has he ever played a super villain? Or just a regular villain?

      So Green Lantern stole the villain from Howard the Duck? And I thought Howard stole it from Buckaroo Banzai, so I don’t feel so bad that Howard was robbed. He was a thief anyway.

  2. RC Avatar

    Just found this site through FFC. Really enjoying it. Hope you keep it going. I was a little surprised 89’s Batman didn’t come up more. I much prefer it to the newer incarnation in as far as what I expect out of a comic book movie.

    Good episode though, as are all I have listened to!

    1. Ben Avatar

      There were many movies we didn’t get to talk about, simply because there are so many! You’re right about ’89 Batman … seems like our hate of Batman and Robin sort of over shadowed that one.

      I’ll tell you, though, ’89 Batman and Batman Returns are two superhero movies I thoroughly enjoy.

  3. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    YES! 1989 Batman deserved to be mentioned. I was tempted to throw it in there as one of the best comic book movies, but it is hard to forget Batman and Robin. However, the same could be said for the Superman movies too. The first Superman is in my top 5, but some of its sequels were aweful.

    I really loved the 89 Batman. Batman Returns was okay, but I liked Batman Forever better. Batman and Robin was aweful.

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