Episode 24 — “Where Are the Christian Sci-Fi Movies?”

While Dr. Jayce and Ben were at the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival, they got together with two other men who were also there as faculty, Roland Mann and Gary Voelker . . . who also, coincidentally (or not) are Strangers and Aliens listeners! The four of them chatted about this year’s sci-fi/fantasy offerings, made fun of Gary for not seeing any of them, and then talked about what it would take for someone to make a Christian sci-fi movie.

It was a fun conversation, and hopefully just the first of many Strangers and Aliens round table type discussions!

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8 responses to “Episode 24 — “Where Are the Christian Sci-Fi Movies?””

  1. dmattingly Avatar

    I’d consider the original Indiana Jones trilogy to be good Christian sci-fi.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Nice. That could be a big conversation right there!

  2. RC Avatar

    Book of Eli is the closest I have ever seen, if you call that Sci-Fi. The problem would be getting a studio to fund it. Or more appropriately, getting a large market to show interest in a Christian sci-fi film. It would have to fairly disguised to make it through I think. I think on the whole, sci-fi fans are generally perceived as being Atheists. Couple that with a Christian film industry that isn’t interested in sci-fi and I wonder if there ever will be a professional offering.

    Still, to me it seems like the technology is there for independent film makers to do more. Perhaps we will see something in the future. I for one know there are new, fresh stories and views that have yet to be told.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I absolutely agree that with the new tech available to indy filmmakers, we will see more . . . And soon.

    2. Ben Avatar

      Book of Eli was an interesting surprise, for a number of reasons. Most of them spoilers!

  3. RC Avatar

    Yes, it’s like of like The Others. Once you loose the surprise, the movie isn’t quite as good.

    I actually had neither heard of it nor watched it till this year and just happened to catch it on TV which at the in-laws. I was really surprised, and like you say, for a number of reasons.

  4. Michael Compton Avatar

    I would love to see either one of my novels made into movies. Some have said they would be excellent films.

  5. R-Squared Comicz Avatar

    I know you guys mentioned it briefly, but I wonder what role do you think crowdfunding sites could potentially play in helping get more Christian-themed sci-fi projects off the ground?

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