Episode 25 — “Great Pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi Movies”

In this latest episode of the show, Ben, Dr. Jayce, and Steve discuss their favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies from before Star Wars changed science fiction and fantasy cinema forever!

What will they choose?

What movie will make Dr. Jayce completely disown you if you like it?

And will Ben or Steve be cast off into the darkness by Dr. Jayce for picking it?

Do our favorites match up with yours? Do you disagree with any we included? Did we miss any? Let us know about it! E-mail us at podcast@strangersandaliens.com or by using our contact form here.

We also open up the mailbag with some favorite movies from Facebook friends and Twitter followers!

Here is the Twilight Zone edit of Planet of the Apes: http://theforbidden-zone.com/media/tzone.shtml

Here is the link to Audible that we mentioned: http://audibletrial.com/strangers (Remember, signing up for a free one month trial, which gets you a free audio book that you can keep forever, ALSO helps Strangers and Aliens!)

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