Episode 26 — “Doctor Who”

Episode 26 is “a very special episode” of Strangers and Aliens, featuring two special guests!

The topic: Doctor Who.

The hosts: Ben and Steve, along with Christa, Steve’s wife and long time Who Fan, and Tom Holste, S&A listener and frequent contributor to the S&A mailbag and big time Doctor Who fan! Bu what about Dr. Jayce? He’s in there, too, just in a different roll than usual!

With “season” seven of the modern Doctor Who series in full swing, the Strangers and Aliens talk about all things Who: favorite Doctors, why they like the show, how and/or why it resonates with them on a spiritual level, where they think it falls in the pantheon of science fiction series.

If you have never watched Doctor Who before, this episode is for you. Dr. Jayce, who has never watched it before, prerecorded some questions for Ben & Steve and guests, asking why they like the show and why they think he might like it.

If you are a Who fanatic, this episode is for you. Ben & Steve and guests explore the things that they love about the show and along the way reveal some new ideas to each other.

And River Song need not worry . . . there’s no spoilers!

But why did Steve get BLEEPed?

Also, we open up the mailbag with some of your comments and responses to past episodes!

Special thanks to Christa and to Tom, for joining us! We hope to do it again sometime soon!

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