Episode 28 — “Doctor Who Revisited”

The first half of this episode is a spoiler-free discussion between Ben & Steve and Dr. Jayce, as Dr. Jayce puts on his teacher hat and grades his co-hosts on their performance in our previous Doctor Who episode (episode 26).

The second half of the episode is spoiler filled! Chock full of spoilers! Tom and Christa rejoin Ben and Steve in a discussion of Doctor Who season 7 part 1, or whatever they are calling it. How does the final leg of Amy’s (and Rory’s) journey stack up? Satisfying? Unsatisfying? It’s a fun filled — and SPOILER FILLED!!! — conversation!

Also, we open up the mailbag, quibble about grammar and the new Star Trek movie title, and revoke Steve’s man card.

~ Ben

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