Episode 29 — “The Justice League: Past, Present, and Future”

The Sci-Fi Guys are back, talking about the Justice League, Superman, the Sci-Fi Christian Feud, podcast awards, and the Super Fantastic Facebook Fan Contest of Awesome!

First, the Podcast Awards . . . if you go to this link, right here — http://podcastawards.com — you can nominate us for the podcast awards in the religious/inspiration category (and we would REALLY appreciate it if you did because it would really, really help us get the word out about the podcast!).

Second, the Sci-Fi Christian feud. Some of you may notice a new opening for our podcast — and some people may say that we ripped them off . . . AND our “new” theme song may be a bit reminiscent of another certain podcast — but these gentlemen have started a feud by saying that Superman is stupid. In this episode, we answer that charge. We also make a charge not just of ripping off, but plagiarism! Innocent or guilty? You be the judge. (They have made a few more charges in the feud here. Go ahead, listen to them. If you like our podcast, you should find their’s interesting.)

Third, our Facebook Fan contest. You can read all about it here in our original blog post.

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And if you want some Superman stories worth reading, check out these graphic novels:



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  1. RC Avatar

    A friend and I were fantasizing about the Justice League movie the other day. Now admittedly I am more of a Marvel fan, so my likes might be different than dyed-in-the-wool DC fans.

    But if I were to get to write the movie myself, the general concept might be something like this:

    Setting is the near future. Batman is aging, and Superman while experiencing the effects of aging on a much different scale, is seeing a world of increasing evil. Both are villainized in pop culture. (Don’t know what in the world Stan Lee was talking about … see Sci-Fi Christian’s quote of the week) The two, desperate to turn the course of events, gather young people (in their 20’s or even on in their 30’s) making names for themselves around the world. The other characters may be fresh or maybe the inheritors of powers that Batman and Superman have worked with before.

    As a villain we initially see a 40 something Lex Luthor, a high powered bureaucrat bent on “equality” and in there interest of public safety, removal of vigilantes (ala Kingdom Come), But the story quickly reveals Brainiac as the true mastermind. Not a campy version, but a villain that is all but unseen in the movie, that is present more as a force controlling much of the world through computers and the internet. Think HP Lovecraft for feel.

    A lot of this stems around enjoying a “mature” looking Superman more than the “in the prime” style. I think a middle aged look better meets his moral stance and values. I highly value Kingdom Come. Of course who doesn’t love Ross’ art? Anyhow, it was thinking of that particular Superman and Batman that really forms the core of a Justice League movie I’d like to see. Without a fleet of movies to setup the story, some characters are going to have to be shuffled to the background. I for one, think that Batman and Superman would be better suited for that. You don’t have to explain the back story… everyone knows and their presence is felt even when they aren’t on screen. A young Green Lantern that is using techniques learned from Batman in the world of Investigation or a young Flash seeking morale guidance from the unshakable Kal El.

    Just random thoughts…

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