Episode 33 — “The Ending We Wanted”

In something of a sequel to our episode about sci-fi TV shows that were cancelled too soon — called, coincidentally, Sci-Fi TV: Cancelled Too Soon — we bring you an episode in which we dream a little bit about how we wish some of those cancelled series would have ended.

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Hank Harwell sent us a message about Max Headroom — the show he believed was cancelled too soon. You can find his Christianity/speculative fiction blog Geekklesia here: http://geekklesia.blogspot.com

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6 responses to “Episode 33 — “The Ending We Wanted””

  1. Hank Harwell Avatar

    So….I made the cut?

    1. Ben Avatar

      Yup! I’m hoping people follow the links to your website, too. Although maybe I should be sending them to your Facebook page? You’re posting a lot there, too.

      1. Hank Harwell Avatar

        Both are cool. I do plan to post more to the blog site, but the Facebook site is where I post links of stuff that other people are writing that I find interesting, helpful, and that I don’t need to comment much on myself.

  2. Ben Avatar

    I’ll continue sending people to your blog, then.

  3. RC Avatar

    Well, not specifically about the ending we would have wished for but on a topic that Dr. Jayce had mentioned: I too have started watching Dr. Who. My brother having lent me 4 seasons of Dr. Who that have just been sitting around unwatched for a year or more, have finally been put to use.

    I have to say the move between Doctors was a bit jarring. While at first I was having trouble getting on board with Chris Eccleston being a good guy, by the end of the season I quite liked him as the Doctor. I’ve just been getting into David Tennant, but just having trouble getting a bite on the new (for then) Doctor. I really enjoy the sub characters, just as much if not more than the Doctor and Rose. I have to say that the episode when she goes back to her own past was quite emotional and well done. Neither over or underplayed. Really quite sincere.

    Outside of that, I’m not overly impressed by Rose as a character. She reminds me too much in character of women I had known once upon a time. Certainly no one I can follow as a hero.

    It’s a good series so far, but not excellent or great. But with 2 and a half more seasons at my disposal, I’ll see where it goes.

  4. cleireac Avatar

    Got to listen to this ep with my wife in the car. She was impressed; she said something to the effect that her husband was a ‘celebrity’ now. Thanks for making me look good!

    Not sure, but can anyone tell me if Max Headroom is on Netflix or Hulu? I’d like to add info on how to view it to the blog series.

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