Episode 34 — “Gideon Festival Comic Book Writer and Artist Contest Winners”

Last summer, the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival featured a new contest: The Comics Writer and Comics Artist Contest. Sponsored by Kingstone Comics, publisher of The Book of Godand The Christ Graphic Novel, one of the prizes (in addition to a cash prize) was to be featured on the Strangers and Aliens website.

So, for this episode Ben interviewed three of the six winners. They were fun conversations, touching on geeky stuff like favorite comic books to what got them into art to what drives them as artists and writers. And we are  featuring some of the work of all the winners (except one) in this blog post.

In the episode we also had some announcements to make (like that the Super Fantastic Facebook Fan Contest of Awesome has been extended to November 14, 2012). Or that you can still vote for us in the Podcast Awards (religion/inspiration) until November 15!

Here are the results of the contest, and the featured creators . . .

ARTISTS (artists were given a script they were to illustrate):


1. Mike Abuan — Unfortunately, Mike was unable to record an interview for the podcast, but he did provide us with some links and a couple art samples . . .

First, his Deviantart account: http://miabu.deviantart.com/

He also did some work for the Angel Dreams comic series — http://indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6605

Angel Dreams is published by Visionland. Here is their website — http://www.facebook.com/visionlandcomics?fref=ts

He drew the astronaut image above, and also the workspace image to the side here.

2. Laura Hollingsworth — Laura also was not available for an interview, but also sent us some links to her work. She came in second place in the art contest. She does a webcomic called The Silver Eye. Laura says: “The Silver Eye is an action/adventure webcomic about a wealthy orphan and a vagrant king who have to unite to stop an out of control conqueror.”

You can read The Silver Eye here: www.thesilvereye.com

Her Deviantart profile, with more sample art, can be found here: lostie815.deviantart.com




3. D.L. Maffett — D.L. was one of the contest winners we interviewed in this episode. About his current project, he wrote to us: “I am currently working with some CCAS members on a new christian in comics project, the working title is “One Lost Coin” featuring golden comic era characters from Christopher Lee Jone’s Shock Squad with some other Christian comic creator’s (Justin Martin, Melchizedek Todd, Gerry Lee and others) more contemporary characters.”

He has a portfolio of work on the Christian Comics Art Society webpage: Christian Comic Arts

And here is the blog he mentioned, where he is posting some of his work: Maffettart: an Art-o-biography


WRITING (writers were to write a script using the theme “Gideon”):

1. Luis Serrano — Luis took first place in our writing competition. He was one of this episode’s interviewees, and he mentioned a Kickstart campaign for his Samson the Nazirite. Here is a link to his campaign: Samson the Nazirite Kickstarter

Also, here are some of the website’s Luis mentioned in the interview for his book Samson the Nazirite . . . which I highly, highly recommend!






2. Nathan James Norman — Our second place winner for the writing contest, Nathan Norman is a writer and a pastor.

You can find his work and more information about his writing and pastoral work on his website: www.nathanjamesnorman.com.

The Untold Alliances audio drama can be found here at the Spirit Blade Underground Alliance production page (you have to scroll down to get to it): Untold Alliances at SpiritBlade.net

And here is the link to Silver Dance: Spirit Blade Episode 199 Silver Dance

Finally, the link to the Nathan’s dramatic sermon about King Darius and Daniel in the lion’s den: Darius in the Lion’s Den

3. Garett Sutton — Garett also was unable to be part of our interview, and did not provide us with a website. We will update this if we can.





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