EPISODE 5 – “Star Wars Part 1: The Prequels”

All three of the sci-fi guys are back for the first full episode of 2012 and the first part of a two part look back at Star Wars.

In this episode, a look at episodes I, II, and III — the “prequel trilogy”. For many fans of science fiction and fantasy, Star Wars was their gateway into the genre. And for many fans of Star Wars who grew up with the original trilogy, coming back to see the rise of young Anakin and his fall to becoming Darth Vader was a controversial experience.

Join Dr. Jayce, Steve, and Ben as they talk about the highlights and lowlights of these movies — exploring the storytelling, big ideas, and over all film making. Some of their opinions may surprise you. Some probably won’t. (Really, can ANYONE defend Jar Jar Binks? Well, I had a friend who tried . . .) But, agree or disagree, we’d love to see your comments below or on our Facebook fan page.

Tune in next week for part two . . . and click here for a peek at Dr. Jayce’s “controversial” list (which became the inspiration behind these episodes) and click here for a peek at the oddest fast food Star Wars tie-in I’ve ever seen . . .

UPDATE: Strangers and Aliens episode 6, which is part 2 of this conversation, is live! Click here to hear what the sic-fi guys think of the original trilogy!

~ Ben


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