Episode 8 — “Big Mike vs. the Podcast”

For this episode of the podcast, Strangers and Aliens is proud to present an interview with a special guest: Mark Christopher Lawrence.

Known for playing Big Mike on Chuck, Mr. Lawrence took some time to talk with Ben and Dr. Jayce, giving us a revelation about Chuck’s final episode, revealing his favorite sci-fi movie, and talking about his early career and what he’s doing next, now that Chuck is finished.

LINK: MOXIE Theatre — where Mark Christopher Lawrence will be appearing in A Raisin in the Sun.







3 responses to “Episode 8 — “Big Mike vs. the Podcast””

  1. Dave Mattingly Avatar

    Thanks for coming on the show, Mark. It’s always great to hear about a fellow Christian living his dream.

  2. Student Z Avatar
    Student Z

    This was actually really cool!

    How did you guys get MCL?

    By the way, MCL if you read this: YOU ROCK!

  3. Ben Avatar

    It was truly an honor to have him come on the show. Watch for some more guests in the near future, mostly of the sci-fi writer variety. Although, we do have another dream actor we are trying to connect with. We’ll see. In the meantime, it was a lot of fun to talk to Mark Christopher Lawrence. He was great!

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