Interview with Caesar Kalinowski — SA113

Under+MidnightFor this episode, Steve interviews a musician who Steve has been a fan of for two decades!

Caesar Kalinowski produced a few albums that Steve has listened to since his youth, and after Steve reached out to him, Caesar graciously agreed to be interviewed for the show!

Audio clips – time signatures for start
3:28 – ‘Artificial Light’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
7:54 – ‘Enough is Enough’ – Whitecross from “Whitecross” produced by Caesar
10:10 – ‘Babylon U.S.A.’ – Under Midnight from “Wake Up – Time to Die”
11:59 – ‘Welcome to Dystopia’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
15:49 – ‘From the Dead’ – Vengeance (aka Vengeance Rising) from “Human Sacrifice” produced by Caesar
23:04 – Sample montage incorporating: ‘Who Am I’; ‘Cybervision’:’In a Mirror Dimly’; ‘New Way’; ‘Two Worlds, One Cry’; ‘Die to Myself’ – Under Midnight from “Wake Up – Time to Die”
29:29 – ‘Artificial Light’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
31:23 – ‘Cybervision’ – Under Midnight from “Wake Up – Time to Die”
36:59 – ‘Void’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
39:23 – ‘Oh Boy’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
41:46 – Sample montage incorporating: ‘Phreak’; ‘Lie to Me’; ‘GIGO/Guilty’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
51:16 – ‘Hawkmoon 269’ – U2 from “Rattle and Hum”, overlapped by ‘Dream Baby’ [Under Midnight from “Void”, at 51:25] to illustrate the sampling. ‘Dream Baby’ continues to 52:44.
53:58 – ‘Lie to Me’  – Under Midnight from “Void”
54:25 – ‘Learning to Fly’ – Under Midnight from “Wake Up – Time to Die”
59:01 – ‘Believe in Miracles’ – Generation from “Brutal Reality”
1:02:09 – ‘I Live in Flesh’ – Generation from “Brutal Reality”
1:15:57 – ‘GIGO/Guilty’ – Under Midnight from “Void”
1:23:46 – ‘Die to Myself’ – Under Midnight from “Wake Up – Time to Die”

‘Cybervision’ official video:

‘Dream Baby’ Animatrix video:

Last.FM Artist page:

AllMusic listings (and audio clips) for Under Midnight:

AllMusic listings (and audio clips) for Generation:

AllMusic listings (and audio clips) for Beki Hemingway:








2 responses to “Interview with Caesar Kalinowski — SA113”

  1. John Avatar

    Great interview, Steve. I grew up with this kind of music and it brought back a lot of memories.

  2. Brian Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this. I have loved Under Midnight since I bought the first album on a whim back in ’92. My wife actually just bought me the CD for Christmas 2015, since I couldn’t find it available for download and had greatly missed my original cassette and CD. It is awsome to finally hear it again!
    This interview is great – I had no idea who Frankie and dB Allen actually were!
    I would love to hear from Mark R as well!

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