NEW POLL! What’s Your Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Trilogy?

In our last poll, Joker HANDILY took the top Batman villain spot.

So the big question now that the Dark Knight has risen . . . what is the best sci-fi/fantasy trilogy of all time?

There are some really bad trilogies out there, so for the purposes of this poll we included trilogies that are loved by many (if not all). Also, they have elements of sci-fi and fantasy, obviously. We didn’t want to stretch the definition of trilogy too much — for example, tucked in the six original crew Star Trek movies, Star Trek II, III, and IV form a trilogy . . . but VI also fits into that series thematically, and it just gets messy from there.

BUT . . . if you have a trilogy you would like added to the list, leave a comment below or contact us.

So, is The Matrix your thing? Does old school Star Wars still hold that top spot for you? Did the Dark Knight rise above them all? Do you enjoy going Back to the Future? Or is The Lord of the Rings the one trilogy to rule them all? Give us your vote! And then leave a comment below!

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