NEWS: New Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster

From SuperheroHype:

I have to say, I love this poster. As far as posters go, this actually gets me excited. It’s very, very simple. The spider symbol is something that is recognizable. I remember when the first Batman movie came out and the poster was simply the Batman symbol. That was all that was needed. For Spider-Man, the spider symbol is almost as recognizable, and everyone who is going to see the movie knows that this symbol means.

But I look at this poster and I know what this movie is about. It’s about the person inside the superhero costume. And in some ways, the spider is a menacing figure in the poster. This poster tells me that this movie is meant to be about Peter Parker dealing with the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” idea, like the best comic book stories. In theory, if not in execution.

The imagery of the poster makes me want to see this movie. But . . .

The words! As a writer of comics, I often get caught up in the question, “Which is more important in a comic book, the artist or the writer?” “Writing or art?” (Answer: yes.) But the art and the writing should work together, and words on the page should serve to enhance the art and tell you something the art cannot. And the words on this poster, well, the something they tell me that the art cannot? “The untold story”? What’s that supposed to mean? What story are they trying to tell? Are they trying to say they are going to tell a new story? Well, I hope so. Maybe they are trying to reassure people that yes, this is going back to tell the origin story but they are going to tell it in a different way? I hope so!

(One other thing makes me want to see this movie: Andrew Garfield. Everything I’ve seen him do, he has done phenomenally.)

Anyway, this poster looks great. If you want to see a bigger version, you can go to Superhero Hype here.

What do you think? Do we really need another origin story for this character? Especially considering he’s got about the easiest origin to tell: dude gets bit by radioactive spider, dude gets spider powers. There, I did it . . . on with the story! Any of you strangers and aliens excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man?

~ Ben

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