Real Dragons: The Answers in Genesis Interview – SA205

pulp-o-mizer_cover_image-21Is there science behind the myths of dragons? On a trip to the Creation Museum, Evan interviews Bodie Hodge, a speaker, writer, and researcher for Answers in Genesis.

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  1. rhoetus Avatar

    I’m not a six-24hour day Creationist.
    I’d caution against what I hear in this particular podcast, that is: assuming that those of us who don’t believe in a 6 literal day Creation do so because we don’t give value to what the Bible says. The genre of the book, or even part of the book, in question needs to be taken into account as well as what else is said and the implications of that.
    For instance, why six 24 hour days? Why is a day 24 hours long? Because that is how long it takes the earth to make a turn on its axis in relation to the sun. A sun which didn’t exist for the first three days. Which also means that morning and evening mean something other than the simple straight forward way we normally take them. And morning and evening where? What part of the earth was that judged by? Certainly not the poles where morning and evening can mean something very different than 24 hour periods, and if the earth didn’t have a tilt to its axis (no moon yet) there wouldn’t even be a morning or evening at the poles. And yes, I’ve heard that God’s light stood in for the sun for the first few days, but God is omnipresent, His light would have shown all over, not just at a localized place.
    No, I don’t think we are to take the opening of Genesis as a literal, play by play account of what happened In the beginning. Not because I think the Bible is wrong, but because I think it is a poetic account of what happened. Correct in substance, with details relayed in a meaningful manner.

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