Reflections on Easter — S&A150

TombThis is the weekend we celebrate Easter, and in this episode we take the time to reflect on Easter, Good Friday, and the Last Supper.

Ben is joined by his family in a series of readings and writings about some aspects of the Holy Week.


INTERLUDE: Psalm 113 & 114

PART ONE: The Servant’s Tale

INTERLUDE: Psalm 115

PART TWO: Considering Judas

INTERLUDE: Psalm 116 & 117

PART THREE: Sunday Morning

INTERLUDE: Psalm 118

EPILOGUE: The Road to Emmaus







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  1. ChildsPlay Avatar

    I’ve listened to Welcome to Level Seven from the beginning, but I’ve just recently discovered this podcast. I’m playing catch up and am listening to this episode now. It is excellent. Would it be possible to get a written transcript?

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