A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Thanksgiving — Ep. 102

thanksfood_tngThis episode has a Thanksgiving theme, and Dr. Jayce (for a bit anyway, before he pops off to be with his wife), Ben, and Steve take a moment to consider things from sci-fi and fantasy that we are thankful for.

The Miss Universe outfit that caused Ben’s reaction: http://www.geekosystem.com/miss-universe-transformer/

Podcasts we name drop in this episode:

The Helix Review Podcast

Gamestore Prophets

The Geek This! podcast








3 responses to “A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Thanksgiving — Ep. 102”

  1. Don Ensign Avatar
    Don Ensign

    I just finished listening to your Thanksgiving podcast. You guys both hit on some important things. I agree wholeheartedly that Astro City was (is) a seminal comic book series that allowed Kurt Busiek the opportunity to give his take as an adult fan and pro comic book writer on some of the classic super hero archetypes.
    As I listened to you giving your background on how each of you got interested in things fantasy, sci fi and comic books a thought came to me. It would be good for you to interview some folks from different generations with the focus on their stories of becoming interested in fannish things and their Christian nexus to those things. For instance, getting into comics in the early 1960s was a very exciting time because the super hero was being revived at DC and Marvel and other companies. As a fan during that period it was just incredibly exciting to see the rise of the long gone characters (often in new forms) and then the revival of the original characters themselves (like the JSA and Capt. America). Along with this was the rise of early comics fandom with its letter writing, fanzines, and early fan get togethers that developed into conventions. One guy that would be good choice for this is John Pierce who was quite active during this time. Also it would be good to have a Millennial or Gen Y Christian fan to share their experiences and thinking on how they view fan stuff and how they relate to it as Christians. It seems as if you guys view these things from a Gen X perspective. Which is fine, however getting some different Generation perspectives would broaden the appeal of your podcast. Anyway something to consider.

  2. RC Avatar

    Yep Ben, you’re thinkin about the third Robotech series, also known as Genesis Climber Mospeada in its original incarnation. 🙂

    Go Bots did have some cool mechanics. Road Ranger was one of my favorites.

  3. Jim Avatar

    This comment will dovetail with the one I left on the “Welcome to Level Seven” site. In response to Steve’s statement that Blade Runner is morally empty (or something to that effect), I feel the need to cajole you into digging into the philosophical world view of a movie like Blade Runner. What questions does it ask about the nature of humanity? What does it say about the sanctity of life? There is a definite moral point of view in Blade Runner. It’s our job to understand it in light of God’s moral standard and consider where it coheres and where it falls short.

    On a different topic, I feel a new kinship with Steve since my life was similarly changed when I saw Star Wars in 1977 at age 10!

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