Strangers in a Strange Land — Ep. 95

MasterImageBIn this episode, Ben talks about three things:

1. Please send us your top 10 sci-fi and fantasy characters. Ben explains what we are looking for and how to send it to us. You can use our contact information found here: Strangers and Aliens Feedback

2. PLEASE vote for The Sci-Fi Christian podcast in the Podcast Awards. Voting starts on November 1 through November 15, and you can vote for them once per day! You can find information about voting here:

3. Where did the name “Strangers and Aliens” come from? Ben explores some of the Biblical and musical references that came to mind as Ben. Dr. Jayce, and Steve were figuring out what their podcast should be called.

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  1. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Very interesting to hear about how you chose the name for the podcast. Though your podcast name brought a different song to mind for me, Degarmo and Key’s “Aliens and Strangers”, particularly the lines: My closest friends are aliens and strangers/Travellers here, living with danger.

    I had to chuckle a little bit on hearing about how you were fed up with “Friends”. I respect Michael W. Smith as a songwriter and musician, but that song was decidedly overplayed during its heyday. I remember back when my senior high school class was deciding on a class song a conversation that went something like this:
    Girls: Hey, what about “Friends”?
    Guys: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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