THE HOBBIT: Family Round Table Review — S&A145

The-Hobbit-The-Battle-of-the-Five-Armies-PosterBen is joined by his kids again to talk about The Hobbit trilogy, from the unexpected journey to the battle of the five armies!

What did they like? Dislike? Was the love story gross . . . or the orcs?

Ben and his kid dissect the trilogy, from the hair on the Hobbits’ feet to the hair on the elves heads!






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  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    Great! I especially liked your daughter wanting to be an elf because “they can keep their hands clean all the time.” Indeed, to be one of the Firstborn of Illuvatar! Also, kudos to you for the Spock connection!

    Do you think the Scary Galadriel scene made any sense? Why should she go all ugly – just because she’s using a Ring of Power to fight Sauron? That scene was one of my two big disappointments with the film. The other was the way they altered Gandalf’s last conversation with Young Bilbo to gut the theme of Providence from the story. Otherwise, I enjoyed the movie far more than I expected to.

    Thanks for sharing your family’s discussion with us.

  2. rhoetus Avatar

    I really want this show remade with Dr. Jayce and Steve and a couple friends of the show each reading the lines of your kids.
    Dr. Jayce, “Kili shouldn’t have died.”
    Ben, “Why not?”
    Steve, “Because he’s good looking!”

  3. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Fun episode! Very interesting to hear the range of reactions and opinions from your children. I’m looking forward to more in this vein. You mentioned Star Wars, which should be good. Though how about one on the Narnia films?

  4. Janalyn Voigt Avatar

    This was fun! Thanks for these insights. Hmmm….What did happen to the Arkenstone? Sequel?

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