The Most OVERRATED Christmas Movies Ever

Let’s be honest, we all love Christmas season, because of the family time, but if we were all honest we would admit that the holidays can be some of the most stressful times of the entire year. Many reasons exist for this fact, but one of those reasons if due to conflict with the fam. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this list might add to some minor family conflict, because I am about to share how I really feel about some of my loved ones’ favorite (lame) Christmas movies!


The OVERRATED Christmas movie parade begins now:


1. A Christmas Story

I don’t have to say much about this film, because I think it speaks for itself…YAWN. Simply put…it’s boring. I know, someone had to say it, and you’re probably glad I said it instead of you, but the truth is this movie has somehow become a classic and I think it is because my parent’s generation somehow relates to this film….I don’t. Now my middle brother may never talk to me again (because this is his favorite film, but I had to be honest!)

2. White Christmas

Ah Oh! I went there! I just took on perhaps one of the most beloved Christmas films out there. The females especially love this film, I know my wife does at least, but I just can’t help it…this film is just as boring as A Christmas Story, but it adds singing and dancing, which somehow makes it even worse. I would have listed this one first, but I don’t want to sleep on the couch this Christmas season, because as I mentioned this horrible, I mean boring, I mean…..I’m sorry babe, but this movie just stinks, no matter how many times you force me…I mean encourage me to give it a chance. I have given it several chances and it still stinks! Love you babe!  😉

3. Santa Clause


The entire message of this film comes down to Santa (Tim Allen), leaving his kid behind at the end of the movie, because of his massive responsibility of being Santa. Lovely, just what we need, another father shirking his responsibilities as a dad. In this case, it is Big Red himself, and I just think it is an awful message that many seem to overlook! A dad’s first responsibility is to his family and not his job.

4. Jingle All the Way

Simple. Any film that has Arnold talking while he is NOT carrying a gun……FAIL!

5. Jack Frost

A reincarnated father comes back to life in the form of…wait for it….Frosty the Snow Man….wait….I mean….Jack Frost. In an all-time low Michael Keaton (who is an excellent actor) makes his second worst decision in accepting this role. His biggest mistake was leaving the role of Batman.

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