TV Series Completionism — SA123

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-4So Dr. Jayce had a question: “what TV series have you seen every episode of?”

The answers: not sure if they were disturbing or interesting, but Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about the different TV shows they have watched every single episode, from first to last.

What shows did YOU have to watch from episode one to the series finale?







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  1. RC Avatar

    I’ve completed so few series, unless you count anime. As far as normal TV I think Firefly and the Tick would be the only ones I KNOW I’ve seen all of them.

    Robotech has a good story and at the time it was like nothing else in the animated world.

    1. Ben Avatar

      No reason anime wouldn’t count. Although I didn’t mention the anime series I’ve completed. I hadn’t watched Attack on Titan when we recorded this. Escaflowne. Robotech. Last Exile. Mu-Shi-Shi. There may be a couple more that slipped through the cracks.

      I’d really like to do an anime episode or two, although Steve and Jayce aren’t into it.

  2. Alan Avatar

    If you mean just SF & Fantasy series, it’s a shorter list, including Babylon 5, X-Files, Dark Angel, the reimagined Battlestar, Legend of the Seeker, new Who, the Prisoner, and I’m sure many short-lived ones like Firefly.

  3. Mikel Withers Avatar

    Question: in Robotech, do you only count the original iteration, or do you count the Southern Cross and Invid Invasion versions too? Loved Robotech, but could not stand the other two.

    1. Mikel Withers Avatar

      Just a couple, to keep this short-ish. Harsh Realm, Firefly (of course), Pushing Daisies, IT Crowd (if you can enjoy some of the shows mentioned, there isn’t going to be anything too off color for you in this) and another Burn Notice fan
      . For my ‘surprised by it’ Warehouse 13, I expected a low-budget SciFi channel cheese-fest, but was pleasantly taken in by the characters.
      For my surprised it isn’t on there: Lost…I was one of those disappointed that it wasn’t a dinosaur. I was really expecting a remake of Land of the Lost. I watched most of it, but missed some episodes near the end and felt no desire to go back and watch them.
      For my “I can’t believe I watched all this garbage, now I need a shower”, it isn’t a tv show, but a book series- George RR Martin’s Fire and Ice books. Much of it was good, but there was also gratuitous distasteful elements that ruin it for me.

    2. Ben Avatar

      I do count them. They both have things I do and do not like. Rick Hunter’s story is what i think of when I think Robotech. But the other series are part of it. I love the idea that they had nothing to do with each other and were made into a single series. I would LOVE to be involved in a project like that.

  4. Eve Avatar

    So glad that Jayce mentioned Alphas. I loved, loved, loved that show and was horribly disappointed when they canceled it.

    Not going to try and list all the shows I’ve seen to completion. With the advent of DVR and digital access, there are very few modern shows that I watch that I DON’T see all the episodes for. Just about everything I’ve watched over the last few years, if I make it through the season, I’ve seen all the episodes. It would be easier to list the shows that I started out liking and abandoned before the season was over or struggled to continue to watch, such as Dollhouse, Once Upon a Time, Nikita, etc. There are also the shows that should have been cancelled earlier that wore me out before they ended, such as Smallville.

    Good episode! This is one I would have liked to have been a part of.

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