Two Tiny Movies: Ant-Man and Pixels (Summer Movie Series) – SA158

ant-manIt’s Ant-man vs. Pixels! two tiny themed movies! Two comedy action movies! Ben reviews them both! One is great fun! One is utter rubbish!

Which is which? Want to see someone get angry about a movie? Ben has a pretty strong opinion here. He tries to hold it in…

The Welcome to Level Seven review of Ant-Man can be found here:



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2 responses to “Two Tiny Movies: Ant-Man and Pixels (Summer Movie Series) – SA158”

  1. Candice Artland Avatar

    I read a review where the reviewer said that they no longer care if Tyrion dies in Season 6 of Game of Thrones due to Peter D.’s involvement of Pixels. I have to agree.

  2. Hatmovies Avatar

    Ant-Man is on a modified concept while “Pixels” is totally on a fresh one. But “Pixels” lacks a lot, it could be much better with such interesting and new subject. The characters in the film connect well, but the screenplay is surprisingly average, which makes things down. Moreover, Ant-Man is really entertaining, involves more and presented really well. So without any doubt, my pick is the first one.

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