“Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction” Giant Size Special (COOL COMIC COVERS #5)

Cool Comic Covers is a weekly (almost) look back at some of the most interesting, intriguing, and engaging artwork in pop culture. This week:

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Giant Size Special by Marvel Comics magazine imprint Curtis. Art by Don Newton.

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Giant Size Special.

Next week we’ve got a lot of superhero things happening around here, so here’s an amazing sci-fi cover. It’s got bubble helmets. A rocket. A bug eyed monster. Intrepid heroes. A D.i.D. (Damsel in Distress). It’s classic sci-fi.

This was the finale of a series of black and white magazines that presented adaptations of classic science fiction and new works of science fiction. There were six issues of the regular magazine, and then this giant size special, which seems to have ben used to burn off the remaining stories that were produced for the magazine before it was cancelled.

~ Ben

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