VIDEO: Superbowl Sci-Fi commercials!

The Superbowl is IN Indiana. But I honestly couldn’t care less than I actually do. I have no dog in this pony show.


It’s a big event for commercials. All types of commercials. Especially for big budget movies. When you spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make a movie, you need eyeballs to know your movie is coming. Last year was a great year for genre movie commercials. This year looks to be good too! Not great, like last year. But good.


So, first we have a movie that when I first heard about it, I was prepared for it to be just plain awful. Now I see the trailer and think to myself that it could actually be a little bit good. Mildly entertaining. Or, at the least, pretty to look at. And while it may not look like the game . . . I’m sure when the movie comes out, the game will start to look like the movie!


Another movie that promises to be better than it should be, considering it is a big budget action movie. Like a lot of modern sci-fi movies, it may not have a lot of substance, but it promises to look incredible. The creature design alone looks amazing.


Of the four trailers I’m posting about here, this one looks like the only one I won’t see in the theater. But I will catch it when it’s released to home video. I enjoyed the first G.I. Joe, and this one looks like they decided to take what worked (crazy action) and amp it up to 11 (audacious action). To me, the first G.I. Joe film was a lot like Speed Racer: it felt like the kind of “movie” I made when I was jumping my G.I. Joes around to fight each other from the couch to the coffee table to the stairway (which were in my imagination a city building, a secret base, and a mountain).


And of all four of these movies, this is probably the only one I will actively try to see opening night. And this commercial reveals what a lot of this movie is going to look like. Watch it. ‘Nuff said.

It’s not the biggest year for genre movies . . . but there are some big ones to wait for.

What are you most looking forward to?

~ Ben






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