Wonder Woman: Coming to a Small Screen Near You? Finally?

"How long before you'll let me guest star? C'mon, you let Christopher Reeve on Smallville!"Apparently Wonder Woman is getting another chance to get on TV. With Arrow looming on the horizon, bringing Green Arrow to the small screen, looks like Wonder Woman might be getting the Smallville treatment, with an “early adventures” series similar to Smallville’s retellings of the beginning of the Superman story.

I’m trying to imagine this working. If you have seen the Aquaman pilot the CW did, it’s a very good attempt.

What worries me is the “Amazon” stuff. The title is Amazon, so that will probably figure in pretty heavily. And I can’t imagine the mix of modern day super heroics and Greek culture stuff working well. In comics it works. In live action?

If they can strike the right balance, this could be a good TV show, though.

Which means it will last half a season. Especially if both Dr. Jayce and I like it. That’s a recipe for cancellation.

You can read the original story here.

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