Anticipated 2014 Movies (CROSSOVER feat. Eve Franklin of Are You Just Watching) — SA109

mza_4849510146417137858.170x170-75The Crossover Event continues as Christian podcasters team up to take on awesome topics!

We are proud to have as our guest Eve Franklin from Are You Just Watching? to come and talk with us about upcoming sci-fi and fantasy movies!

Expect to hear more from Eve on Strangers and Aliens, because she is excited about some upcoming movies that Dr. Jayce and Steve are just not interested in.

Then again, there are a few movies where Ben is the cheese that stands alone!

Here are links to the podcasts and the podcast episodes that are part of the Christian Geek Crossover Event!

Geekually Yoked — — Hosted by a wife and husband team, their podcast covers a broad spectrum of geek-related topics.

The Sci-Phi Show — — Focuses on philosophical concepts as brought to life by sci-fi and fantasy examples.

Untold Podcast — — Sci-fi and fantasy stories, every month.

The Sci-Fi Christian — — Long running podcast that focuses on both timeless topics and timely news.

Reel World Theology — — Covers movies and television from a Christian perspective.

The Storymen — — Hosted by three writers/pastors/teachers, features topic discussions and interviews.

Geek This! Podcast — — Covers pop culture and things of geek interest.

Voices in My Head —

Are You Just Watching? — — Reviews movies and other media from a Christian worldview.

Strangers and Aliens — — Deals with speculative fiction and Christianity.

NOTE: Artwork from Eve’s show, Are You Just Watching?



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3 responses to “Anticipated 2014 Movies (CROSSOVER feat. Eve Franklin of Are You Just Watching) — SA109”

  1. RC Avatar

    Great to hear Eve on here. I will make a point to check out her podcast.

    There do seem to be many movies coming out this year. For myself the movies I intend to see in the theater are:

    Captain American: Winter Soldier
    The Hobbit: There and Back Again.
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Godzilla (probably by myself)
    Interstellar (maybe, it looks interesting)

  2. […] recently joined the Strangers and Aliens hosts in a discussion of the anticipated sci fi and fantasy movies for 2014.  In exchange, I have Dr. Jayce O’Neal as a guest for this one […]

  3. Stacy Duplease Avatar

    Divergent is one that isn’t listed here and is the one I’m looking forward to the most.
    Also, Hobbit and Mocking Jay.

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