Episode 21 — “Interview w/ Paul Asay, Author of God on the Streets of Gotham”

A special episode today, to kick off Batman week.

We had Paul Asay, author of God on the Streets of Gotham, come and talk about his book, the Batman movies, his favorite villains, his hopes and fears about the new movie, and his opinion of other superheroes . . . and Aquaman.

God on the Streets of Gotham is a book about the spiritual ideas that can be found in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and we at Strangers and Aliens recommend reading  it. It’s challenging and uplifting and interesting and we’re sure there are more adjectives ending in “-ing”, but we don’t want to be repetitive. Just go ahead and listen to the interview.

We also open the mailbag and talk about some feedback regarding the Batman movies and the Batman episode we did two episodes ago.

Paul Asay’s website is here.

You can order God on the Streets of Gotham here.

And don’t forget to use our new voicemail app to leave a message for our mailbag, or you can also contact us through various old fashioned means, like e-mail. We’d love your feedback on this and other past episodes, and also on possible topic ideas for future episodes!

Next episode: The Dark Knight Rises!!!

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2 responses to “Episode 21 — “Interview w/ Paul Asay, Author of God on the Streets of Gotham””

  1. Mike Poteet Avatar
    Mike Poteet

    Hey, guys! First time I’ve listened to your show and just wanted to say I really enjoyed it. Oustanding interview with Mr. Asay (especially the parts about mentoring, in light of how TDKR turns out). I will definitely be catching up on old episodes and tuning into new ones!

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks, Mike! Hope you enjoy things!

      I’ve been enjoying things over at the Sci-fi Christian, too! Keep up the good work!

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