NEW POLL: Who Is Batman’s Greatest Villain?

Fact: Batman has some of the best villains in comic books.

So, with the movie coming up featuring Bane, we thought we’d “riddle you this”: Who is Batman’s greatest villain?

Answer how you like, based on whatever criteria you wish to use, voting for your favorite Batman villain. In coming up with these options, I tried to think of:

1. Villains who were popular and . . .

2. Caused the most problems for Batman and . . .

3. Egghead. Just because.

So base your answer on movies or comics or the TV show or video game or all of the above or whatever you like. In July, when The dark Knight Rises, we’ll talk about this poll again, but I wanted to give all you strangers and aliens out there a chance to answer before it came to that.

Oh, and if I did miss your favorite, I beg forgiveness. The list go unwieldy as it was, so I apologize if your favorite did not make the list because I included something you don’t think should be there.

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6 responses to “NEW POLL: Who Is Batman’s Greatest Villain?”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Who is MY favorite Batman foe? I was leaning toward Man-Bat — that concept always intrigued me. I know very little about Rha’s Al Ghul, even though he keeps popping up in Batman stories. He pops up as if I’m expected to know what his deal is. He’s got some sort of mud bath that makes him immortal and Batman loved his daughter or something. As much as I love Joker, Hugo Strange is my pick — he’s the guy who knows Batman’s secrets and wants to replace him. That guys always creeped me out, although I haven’t seen him much since reading some stories with him when I was a kid.

  2. Carl Avatar

    I’m not changing my vote. None of those guys or gals can hold a candle to Dan Didio. The DCU has radically changed TWICE since he took over.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I really should have checked with you for answer suggestions before posting this! Batman’s greatest foe: Dan Didio.

      Kind of catchy. That could be a song.

      Out of curiosity, any particularly egregious villainy that Didio inflicted on Batman that you want to share?

  3. RC Avatar

    I say the Joker mainly for one reason. Joker was there for some of the most dramatic points in the Batman story. It really could have been any character, but because it WAS Joker, I say Joker.

    The Joker has become a truly insane character which has put a new angle on him. Even so, I find the Joker ok, but not great. He just seems to constantly be the catalyst.

    I say all this, not having picked up a batman comic (a couple exceptions) in over 15 years… so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

    1. Ben Avatar

      The thing about Joker is that he is a perfect negative version of Batman — Batman uses a dark, scary image to fight evil, twisting the dark bat imagery into a force for good; Joker used a light, silly image to create evil, twisting the goofy imagery of a clown into a force for evil.

      For both of them, it helps that the images they use are naturally creepy . . .

  4. Bud Rogers Avatar

    My vote is for Ra’s Al Gul. Of all Batman’s villains, he’s the one who has always seemed to have the upper hand over Batman.

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